Handcrafted Luxury Televisions Made in England.

Outdoor Television

Experience the future.

Designed for the outdoors, the Aquiom is optically bonded for enhanced clarity and offers reliable IP66 waterproof protection for all environments.

Mirror Television

Where luxury meets function, a pristine mirror that unveils 4K TV magic.

Handmade in Britain , our mirror TV seamlessly fits modern, classic, and trendy interiors, ready to brighten any living space.

Bathroom Televisions

Where Relaxation Meets Visual Excellence

Transform your bathroom into an entertainment oasis with Lifestyle. Every moment becomes an experience, as cutting-edge visuals meet the serene backdrop of your bathing sanctuary

Hotel TV
Crafted to Your Vision.

Videotree offers custom solutions that meet your exact specifications.

From reflectiveness and frame design to brightness, every element is meticulously considered. Ideal for luxury hotels, tasteful homeowners or connoisseurial interior designers, our bespoke televisions offer a blend of form and function.

In-Wall Bathroom TVs

Elevate your viewing with the pinnacle of clarity and quality. Videotree TVs are equipped with UHD, 4K, HDR, and a high brightness industrial display, redefine what's possible in visual entertainment.
Luxury Televisions in England.
Luxury Televisions in England.

Ultra-Thin Elegance: TV Design Perfected

Videotree TVs are more than just screens; they're masterpieces of design. With an ultra-thin profile, they exude sleekness, blending seamlessly into any modern interior.

Endless Possibilities with Modular Extensions

Our TVs offer more than just stunning visuals; they're a canvas for your creativity. With modular add-ons like speakers, lighting, frames, and streaming capabilities, you're in control of every detail.

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Luxury Televisions in England.
Luxury Televisions in England.